City to Dedicate Right of Way for Section of Ohio River Trail West

Excellent news from the Ohio River Trail West camp… The City of Cincinnati is expected to dedicate right-of-way this week for about three-tenths of a mile of Ohio River Trail West in Sedamsville between the recently completed Peter Cremer building and Southside Avenue. This is property that is currently owned by the City, with sale pending to Cremer. Preceding the sale, several city-owned lots will be consolidated for transfer to Cremer, and a strip along the  northern boundary adjacent to River Road will be dedicated to the River Road right-of-way and earmarked for the trail.

This leg of trail recently received a CMAQ grant totaling over a $1M. The first phase will ultimately connect Lower Price Hill at the future Price Landing park westward to the existing Gilday Recreation Complex / Riverside Park. Planning of the exact route and extents of the first phase are on-going. The design process for this phase is led by the City of Cincinnati Department of Transportation and Engineering with input and support from RiverWest.

With over 26 miles of proposed trail, it’s crucial to our mission to collect or preserve right-of-way when opportunities arise to ensure a continuous route. This move shows the City of Cincinnati’s continued support and dedication to the Ohio River Trail on the west side of town.


Cremer-RWColorMap CremerRWplat